For a mother, the birth of her baby is the first step of an exciting new journey, where she discovers herself, one baby-step at a time. And being a brand that values motherhood, we wanted to make it special in every way. Therefore, we created an entire range of baby care products enriched with Virgin Olive Oil to keep your baby healthy right from the beginning. With no harmful chemicals such as Parabens (Potential threat to growth of baby), Sulphates (Irritates skin tissues and cells), Paraffins (can cause lung inflammation) and Phthalates (Can cause hormonal damage and indigestion); and providing a mild pH between 5.5 to 6, to provide that gentlest of care. DermoViva Baby range is the next best thing to mommy’s love.

Olive Shampoo

Splish, splash, bubble bath! We promise your child a tear-free, laughter-filled bath with our all natural Olive Shampoo. Gently cleanses your baby’s delicate hair and scalp free without any harmful chemicals.

Olive Moisturising Lotion

Nothing can replace a mother’s care, but with our Olive Moisturising Lotion, we keep your baby’s skin nourished and protected. Made with nature’s goodness and a whole lot of love, our Extra Virgin Olive oil used in the Moisturising Lotion not only gently moisturises, keeping skin soft, smooth and healthy also, it help protect the baby from harmful chemicals!

Olive Soft Cream

Make every moment with your baby an enjoyable one with our Olive Soft Cream! Loaded with Virgin Olive Oil and the finest herbs, providing protection of your baby’s soft skin from different weather conditions and rashes free from all harmful chemicals.

Olive Massage Oil

What's better than a relaxing massage for your little one? Revitalize your baby's tender skin by massaging with our special Olive Massage Oil. With no harmful chemicals Dermoviva Olive Massage Oil is the most gentle, magical potion for your child's skin.

Olive Soap

Your baby's skin is delicate and requires loving attention. That is why we created our extra-moisturising DermoViva Baby Olive Soap. Olive has natural skin cancer fighting abilities and with a mild formulation and plenty of Olive Oil, it gently cleanses, nourishes and guards your baby's skin.

Olive Enriched Powder

DermoViva Baby Olive Enriched Powder ensures loving attention for your baby's skin. Our delicately-scented powder is rich in Olive extracts and refreshes your darling's skin in the most natural way.